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Here are OSPC we believe God loves all people, Christ died for sins and rose again, and that we enter into relationship with God through Christ by faith. Fellowship, prayer, learning, worship, giving, caring, mission—all of these aspects of faith in Jesus are part of our day to day church practice.


At OSPC we are blessed with an active music program, a creative children’s Sunday School program, Bible-centered adult Sunday School opportunities, biblical preaching, and dedicated believers who seek to make a difference in the lives of others. To that end we collect food for local pantries, distribute food baskets at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. We support Carelink in the Quad Cities to help with those in need, and Presbyterian missions both near and far. We do more, but you get the idea!


We are small enough to feel like family, and large enough to worship and serve in the ways God would have us do. We love seeing new faces, who soon become our friends.


May you “feel” the truth that the Lord loves you, and he is near.




Text Box: Step By Step
As many of you know, my son Joshua and I took some time in August to hike the North Kaibab trail in the Grand Canyon.  (Of course, you knew I had to work this in somehow with this month’s Summit article.) This is a particularly steep and at times narrow trail that changes elevation by over 6000 feet in about 14 miles, with a 4000 feet climb in just 5 miles.  As you may figure, after we had gone down the trail to the bottom of the canyon, there was only one way to get back to the top – that is, we had to climb up.  So, no matter where we were along the trail, we simply had to concentrate on taking the next step. (At least I did, Josh could bound ahead a few steps at a time.)  After what seemed like millions of steps over an eternity, I eventually made it to the top of the North Rim of the Canyon, where there was rest, cold water, a nice restaurant in a nice lodge, and a wonderful invention called the automobile that can take you long distances without having to take a step.
This October we at OSPC will begin a simple process of exploring who we are as a congregation, what our values are, and developing our vision about how God is leading us into the future.  There will be some congregational forums (about 1 ¼ hours) immediately after worship in October, November, and December, where we will reflect, share, and discuss our ideas on these subjects, with some processing of this information by the session.  In the early months of 2018, this information will be used to help clarify who we are and where we are going as a congregation.  This will be done through a combination of congregational forums, Lenten workshops, and opportunities for prayer.  By next June, we will be able to make the following statements;
· OSPC then will be able to enter fully into the process of an official search for a new pastor who is effective and complementary to God’s calling for this particular Christian fellowship.
· Major issues to be addressed, such as what kind of pastoral leadership is needed, how the congregation is organized for member care and mission.
· The congregation will be moving forward on major development ideas that have emerged during the process.  This will strengthen the present leadership, introduce new leadership, and avoid the sense of stagnation that happens when churches feel like they are “waiting” for a new pastor.
Now, you may be wondering how in the world hiking the North Kaibab trail relates to the process of exploration we are about to enter into at OSPC.  Well, both are simple processes.  It’s a matter of getting to where you want to go by putting one foot in front of the other; just taking the next step.  If we focus on the end result too soon, it can seem too difficult and discouraging.  But if we focus on each step along the way, the journey is much more doable, and in this way we will reach the goal.  
Also, by focusing on each step, we make sure we don’t miss the good things along the way.  Like climbing the Canyon trail, there are new and amazing things that we discover about ourselves and our surroundings.  Our Savior fellowship is filled with amazing stories and amazing people who have amazing gifts to share.  This next year will be a year of rediscovering all these things, and with this will come a renewal of spirit (or in this case, of the Spirit).  
So, yes, this is a yearlong process which will help us see things more clearly with new ideas for moving with confidence and purpose into the future.  But this all comes by a simple process of focusing on the next step – step by step – learning more and becoming stronger as we make our way toward the end of the trail.  Then, everything just gets more interesting, and even more exciting.
In Christ’s Peace,